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Live Optimized. That’s the Mission.

You’ve made the decision.
In the present, here and now.
Be the best you, that you can be.
There is no going back.

We Are

Experts in a community driven by the same goal – self-optimization; relating to:
A lifestyle focused on a sustainable evolutionary process of rejuvenation, optimization, and longevity rooted in the biochemical interplay of nutrition, hormones, and lifestyle choice.

Why Choose Us

May others be as open to you as you are to the world around you.
To those who, aging and suffering, hear others tell you nothing can be done:
They’re wrong.

You Didn’t Choose Us

You Chose Yourself

This is your journey to self-optimization.
We are here by your side, every step of the way.
You can go only so far by yourself, together we can go further.
Live Optimized.

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Our Client Stories

Blake W.

Denis and I have known each other going on 10 years. Through that time we met through a hormone clinic and he was my caregiver at that time. Since then Denis has moved on to bigger and better things and has had me under his care for the last 5 years. During that time he is brought my fitness, my nutritional, my hormonal, and overall quality of life to levels I never thought possible. Denis is very caring and won't sell you something that you don't need. He looks out for the big picture and not what's going to get you there the fastest. It's always about health with Denis. I feel so confident in his abilities that I have shared countless of my friends with him and they now have similar relationships with him. Denis is not only my doctor but one of my closest friends. I love him to bits. I highly recommend using Denis!!!

Jean H.

It has been more than a year that you have put me on a custom hormone plan. I have been doing great during that time, I thank you for being thorough with the monitoring and how you explain everything to me. I also like that you are accessible when I need to ask you additional questions. I have been to other Health Care Professionals and I was put on overdosed hormones and no one has come close on explaining better than you did Denis. Thank you.

Linda E.

I was introduced to Denis Bessmertny (or as I call him “Dr. D”) through my conditioning coach while preparing for a fitness competition. I am 46 years old and have competed for many, many years and never looked and felt so incredibly healthy through Denis’ wisdom and guidance. I was introduced to fasting as part of his nutrition plan. I saw immediate results and lost 4 percent body fat in 3 months! On top of that, I gained new found energy and strength like never before! Throughout this process, he also kept my hormones and metabolism balanced. I learned so much from Denis and have never met somebody so in tune with the human body and how it functions. Denis exudes compassion and genuinely cares about his patients. He was the missing link in my health and fitness lifestyle. Denis is not only my nutrition coach and healthcare provider but what I consider a true friend.

Ryan B.

Not only do I feel amazing, look the best I’ve ever looked, but it just continually gets better and better each month. Denis makes everything extremely easy to the point where the process seems effortless. Not once have so even been overwhelmed or confused by the process. The customer service and delivery of everything is spot on and almost immediate. I’m seriously amazed by how fluid things are and how fun this relationship has been for me. I highly recommend Denis and Infini Pulse to anyone who is looking to better their health, performance, and of course their aesthetics. I wouldn’t trust my health with anyone else! Customer for LIFE!!!!!”

Alex C.

Denis is an all-around amazing guy. His thirst for knowledge keeps him on the cutting edge of nutrition, exercise, supplementation, and hormone optimization. His values and humble nature keep him grounded. Above all, he listens to my needs. He understands that “life happens” and teaches healthy lifestyle adoption principles that can be applied by anyone, regardless of individual circumstances. Since utilizing his services I have peaked in my career, as well as physically, personally, and in my family life. It takes work, but the rewards pay in dividends! You have to take ownership of yourself and realize that your output is only as good as your input...food, sleep, nutrition, hormones and the overall combined effect of these tools that he teaches you how to use. I do not believe that there is anyone more capable of helping me achieve my health and wellness related goals. Thank you, Denis!

Sheryl B.

Doctor, coach, friend, therapist - Denis fills many roles. His knowledge and guidance were that missing link that I needed to connect my health/hormones, fitness training, and nutrition. I was stuck in a horrible (self destructive) cycle that I just couldn’t break and Denis developed a hormone/supplement/nutrition plan based on my needs that gave me amazing results! I’m stronger, leaner and most importantly, healthier than I’ve been in a very long time. The education and encouragement that he provides is invaluable. There is not one question that has gone unanswered or one concern that has not been addressed. He REALLY listens and empathizes but is honest and provides guidance without judgement...he is a rare find!!

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Live Optimized.

That’s the Mission.

You’ve made the decision.
In the present, here and now.
Be the best you, that you can be.
There is no going back.