GHK-Cu is a tripeptide naturally found in plasma, whose benefits have proven to be revolutionary, completely changing the way many approach anti-aging techniques. This tripeptide has a copper component, which many may not realize is incredibly important for overall wellness. 

GHK is most plentiful in adolescents’ plasma; however, it begins to decrease as we age and is reduced by about 60% by the age of 60. This impacts the way that the skin regenerates and can lead to the onset of visible aging. As we’ve discussed in depth in the past, GHK-Cu has powerful anti-aging effects when added to creams and serums, and can help regenerate aging skin by encouraging collagen growth and restoring elasticity.

What if I told you that GHK-Cu was more than just a botox-alternative, and that as an injection it could have a vast array of health benefits? Although it can be applied to the skin and have localized effects, it also goes systemic. 

As it turns out, recent studies may suggest just that – and as an injection, we can begin to explore the pathways that GHK-Cu takes to help us. 

GHK-Cu Injectable vs Topical Application

Before we get into the benefits of using the GHK-Cu peptide as an injectable, let’s discuss the difference between the two. Yes, the topical application that you get in a cream or serum has AMAZING benefits when used directly on the skin; as an injection, the possible health benefits are countless!

If you are looking strictly for anti-aging benefits for the skin, and want to look younger, GHK-Cu creams and serums are the way to go! By mixing the cream or serum with the peptide, you get an easy way to apply the products and an excellent way for the body to absorb this Botox alternative

While the topical application is effective, you get additional health benefits with injections. Injecting GHK-Cu ensures that your body can utilize all possible benefits, as it is being introduced directly into your system. By bypassing skin absorption, your body can solely focus on utilizing what it has just been given: a compound with more benefits than simply those of skin, but an entire spectrum of anti-aging benefits.

Studies have suggested that introducing copper-infused treatments to the body can speed up healing, with large effects being seen in less than a week.  

GHK-Cu and Gene Expression

Some recent studies have suggested that GHK may help reset gene expression in human cells, which could lead to the ability to reset genes in an elderly population to a healthier state.

As we grow older, our ability to repair our DNA decreases, which becomes a dilemma in the life cycle of biological cells. GHK may be able to increase DNA repair activity.

The ability to impact DNA repair activity and gene expression makes GHK-Cu a powerful peptide that we can utilize therapeutically to improve health. 

Benefits of a GHK-Cu Injectable

Using GHK-Cu as an injectable peptide therapy can be widely beneficial for the user, and may promote wound healing and tissue renewal, reduce inflammation, encourage nerve regeneration, and DNA repair activity in cells. 

GHK-Cu is among one of the most studied peptides, and it has been confidently established that it has the ability to: 

• Tighten loose skin and reverse thinning of aged skin
• Repair protective skin barrier proteins
• Improve skin firmness, elasticity, and clarity
• Reduce fine lines, depth of wrinkles, and improve structure of aged skin
• Smooth rough skin
• Reduce photodamage, mottled hyperpigmentation, skin spots and lesions
• Improve overall skin appearance
• Stimulate wound healing
• Protect skin cells from UV radiation
• Reduce inflammation and free radical damage
• Increase hair growth and thickness, enlarge hair follicle size

While all of these possibilities are incredibly useful and present many positive health effects, let’s get into more detail with a few of them, and some of the new possibilities recent research has brought to light.

woman with healthy rejuvenated skin after using GHK-Cu injectable

Skin Regeneration

It’s no surprise that skin regeneration may be possible with a GHK-Cu injection, as we’ve seen the powerful regenerative effects it has on our skin when applied topically. 

This peptide has proven to better the body and improve its capabilities for renewal. This is why it has such strong anti-aging benefits; GHK-Cu works to transform the skin, smoothing over wrinkles and strengthening areas where the skin’s foundation has been weakened by time. 

Studies have suggested

…a general regulatory effect on protein breakdown in skin, helping to prevent both buildup of damaged proteins and excessive proteolysis. Since excessive breakdown of the dermal matrix as well as inadequate removal of damaged proteins can negatively affect skin’s health and appearance, GHK’s ability to regulate both metalloproteinases and their inhibitors can support skin regeneration and improve its appearance.

Wound Healing

GHK-Cu peptide therapy works to promote wound healing by raising antioxidant enzyme levels and speeding up tissue growth. The cool part of GHK-Cu is that it is such a powerful peptide that you can get wound healing benefits though both injections and when applied topically. 

While most bodies are capable of healing on their own, as the aging process continues, many regenerative functions occur slower or may halt altogether. Studies show that when applied topically,

GHK-Cu appears to pass the skin’s horny layer (stratum corneum) in quantities sufficient to activate regenerative events.

Using GHK-Cu to promote wound healing has been established in multiple animal studies. This copper peptide has been shown to contribute to wound healing by stimulating blood vessel growth, promoting higher levels of glutathione (GHS), and increasing collagen and fibroblasts.

Blood Vessel and Nerve Growth

Studies have shown that GHK, along with other related peptides, or those containing the GHK sequence such as GHK-Cu and KGHK, may stimulate new vessels early in the healing process.

It has also been shown that GHK-Cu could promote nerve regeneration, as well as other nerve growth factors.

Blood vessel and nerve growth are both a significant part of skin regeneration and wound healing, and it is exciting that GHK-Cu may be able to help with this. 


Did you know that chronic inflammation is one of the leading causes of disease? Harvard Health published an article discussing the correlation between chronic inflammation and diabetes, cancer, arthritis, depression, and heart disease chronic inflammation. Inflammation has been known to take a devastating toll on the body, but luckily research has shown that peptides, such as GHK-Cu and Thymosin Alpha 1 that can help reduce this inflammation and perhaps lower your risk of disease. 

The anti-inflammatory properties of GHK-Cu are perhaps one of the biggest reasons to consider GHK-Cu injectable peptide therapy. Many may think that inflammation is something our body does to heal itself, and its presence means you are on the road to recovery. While this can be true at a minimal level, as small amounts of inflammation are a product of the immune system, it can cause large problems if present chronically. 

If you are suffering because of chronic inflammation, then it is time to take action before it turns into a disease. Reducing inflammation is an important piece of proactively preventing certain diseases and, in some cases, can also lead to a longer life.

Benefits for COPD and Lung Injury

Research suggests that GHK may support the remodeling and restructure of connective tissues and modulate the expression of numerous genes. It may also have the ability to reverse the gene expression signature of Chronic Pulmonary Disease (COPD). 

When tested in-vitro, GHK restored the function of lung fibroblasts and elevated the expression of integrin beta 1, a molecule responsible for transmitting information within the cell.

Lowers Pain, Anxiety, and Aggression

What if I told you that GHK-Cu could help you reduce your anxiety (yes, please!), raise your pain tolerance, and reduce aggression?

This is exciting news for anyone considering GHK-Cu peptide therapy, as some animal studies suggest that, if scaled for human usage, it could do just that and with a very low dose

Ideally, you would want to use a GHK-Cu injectable to achieve these benefits, but some researchers think you may be able to see some change in even a topical application. 

man brushing hair after using GHK-Cu injectable

Boosts Hair Growth 

Do you want longer, thicker, more luscious hair? Whether you are male or female, the condition of your hair is important. A healthy head of hair is a sign of youth and health, so it is no wonder, so many of us use products that promise to help us take care of it and even grow it. 

Clinical trials have shown that GHK-Cu to be an effective treatment for hair regrowth among men suffering from hair loss. It has also been shown to improve thinning hair and strengthen already existing hair. GHK-Cu does this by protecting and restoring hair follicles from damage

Promotes Gut-Health

Previously, we’ve talked about the gut-healing ability of BPC-157, and now it turns out that GHK-Cu could also have some positive benefits for the gut.

According to a recent study, it may also be able to protect the gut and digestive system, blocking stomach ulcer development, healing intestinal ulcers, and lower intestinal inflammation.

Are GHK-Cu Injectables Safe? 

Many may be skeptical about GHK-Cu, as it has so many benefits and works to solve many problems they may face. Are you one of those individuals wondering if injecting GHK-Cu is a healthy choice?  

If you are, here’s your answer…

When receiving GHK-Cu injections from a trained professional, they are completely safe. If you’re considering getting injections, talking with your healthcare provider about the possibilities is an excellent first step in beginning your journey with this revolutionary treatment. One of the most important parts of GHK-Cu injectables is ensuring that you’re receiving them from a reliable, safe source. 

When you get your GHK-Cu injectable peptides through Infini Pulse, you can have the peace of mind that comes from knowing you’re working with a licensed, experienced physician.

GHK-Cu Side Effects

GHK-Cu is still relatively new in its use in both the beauty and medical fields. Because of this, there is little research about possible side effects. Some possible side effects reported include: 

  • Headaches
  • Fatigue
  • Dizziness
  • Nausea
  • Redness/pain of the injection site
  • Increased appetite
  • Elevated blood pressure

However, one of the best parts about this peptide is that it naturally generates in the body, allowing your system to welcome the GHK and utilize it. One of the most important parts in reducing any possible side effects is ensuring that you’re using the right dosage. 

GHK-Cu Dosage

The best way to discover your specific dosage amount is to speak with your prescribing physician. Following their directions will ensure that you’re using GHK-Cu safely and getting its full benefits.  

Talking to an Infini Pulse physician will guarantee that you have a professional dosing recommendation, which is incredibly important.  

Individuals who are not medically trained should not seek to create their own dosing amounts.

Interested in GHK-Cu Injections? Why Wait? 

Infini Pulse’s GHK-Cu injections are a safe way to receive anti-aging benefits, leaving you feeling and looking younger. By working with our professionals, you can be sure that you have the individualized care that you deserve. If you’re interested in learning more, fill out this form to get in touch with a qualified physician.