Peptides Are An Ally When It Comes To Building Muscle

Professional athletes have used elite therapies for years to perform on higher levels.

The goal is to best even the strongest and fastest athletes they compete against without breaking laws or hurting their health.

When it comes to strength, the key factor that holds many people from their goals is dedication.

But those athletes that work hard and put in the consistent work are often hampered by recovery time.

In order to build muscle, the muscles have to heal between sessions.

Those elite athletes have been using peptide therapy for decades to improve strength.

Peptides are small chains of amino acids that can send messages to the brain and signal specific responses within the body.

Certain peptides can be used to improve strength and boost training for increased lean body mass.

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How Do Peptides Build ? Muscle

The body creates the growth hormone in order to build muscle mass and reduce unneeded body fat. Studies have found that those over 60 years old have far less of the growth hormone, with rates dropping by around 15% every decade after 30.

It gets harder for the body to stay in shape and maintain a strong physique.
Peptides are how the body signals that the growth hormone should be released. Through peptide therapy, muscle wasting is reduced—an issue most often caused by lower levels of protein consumed through the diet.

While a healthy diet is important for slowing the negative effects of aging, taking specific peptides could also curb negative symptoms of age. Bone density has also been a potential benefit for certain peptides to build body strength.
Studies have found that key peptides increased the osteocalcin, which is a marker of stronger bones.

This is a key therapy for elderly adults and post-menopausal women likely to suffer from bone conditions, like osteoporosis. One peptide capable of these benefits is Ibutamoren MK-677.

This peptide promotes secretion of the growth hormone and growth factor one.
This mimics the positive actions of ghrelin (a hormone) that connects itself to GHSR receptors in the brain.

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Is MK-677 Good for You?

We get asked a lot of peptides, like MK-677 are safe or good for us.

Just like any therapy or supplement, peptide use isn’t an exact science and everybody is different.

If you are considering peptide therapy, you should always consult a knowledgeable and trained professional to help you understand the risks, benefits and ideal treatment for your needs.

MK-677 is a peptide that promotes a number of incredible benefits.

When used correctly, MK-677 has been linked to benefits, including:

  • Boosted strength
  • Better weight control
  • Improved appetite
  • Better memory
  • Higher cognition

These benefits are brought about without increasing other hormones that could be harmful, like cortisol.

If a trigger of cortisol occurs, then immune suppression, slowed healing and cognitive difficulties could occur.

So, MK-677 doesn’t provoke this problematic response when increasing higher levels of growth hormone.

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Does MK-677 Work for Building Muscle Mass?

One study found that the peptide MK-677 had a short-term effect on the generating GH, recommending additional studies be done to determine how this presents in the long run:

Oral administration of 4 mg/kg of MK-677 increased the peak concentrations of serum GH by 1.8-fold, compared to basal levels, and GH AUC was significantly increased, suggesting that oral administration of MK-677 has GH-releasing activity.

This has been labeled “the only HGH alternative that works.”

Rather than spend a lot of money on topical creams or other therapies, use peptide therapy to go straight to the source and tell your body to create its own growth hormone.

This is a natural and effective way to build more muscle legally.

Unlike some other options, it can accomplish stronger muscles without being left as trace in the blood or urine.

This is a legal and FDA-approved therapy.

How Should You Select Peptides and
Dosing for Strength?

Don’t let injury, weakness or slow recovery times stop you from your goals.

You can build strength through peptides, like MK-677, in a safe and reliable way.

If you are interested in trying peptide therapy to see what it can do for your training and day-to-day routine, talk to us!

We have a US licensed professional that you can consult to find out what peptide therapy (or peptide stack) might be able to do for you.

When you talk to our knowledgeable doctors, you will be given dosing instructions and follow through to ensure you are getting the benefits you need through peptide therapy.


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